PROJECT 131313

I had a great response from people around the world regarding the 131313 Project. I will work on the concept, along with my other projects, and post images and information ahead of the second phase which is due on the 13th of July. I appreciate all your support with this endeavor. THANKS!

And now the first thirteen pieces are available for view. Please check out the new work at www.http://www.jpouwels.com/paint/131313.html

Thank you for all your support.

Project 131313 is designed to capture a single moment of time, all around the globe, at the same time. To do this I will need an extraordinary effort from folks in every time zone on the planet. This will be an enormous task that will require the communicating prowess of internet social networking sights. The final image of a specific moment will not only reflect so many different stories taking place but it will also capture the similarities of human kind, engaged in human activities. I believe it will be worth all the effort.

On January, 13th 2011 I ask you all to take a picture of something routine in your daily life; whatever it is you are doing at 13:13 local Time. It does not matter how simple it is, the banal would be perfect, and forward them to me at 131313@jpouwels.com. No more than 1 megabit each.

Please pass this on and try and get your friends and neighbors involved so I can gather images from everywhere! Also, include the time zone you are in. You can relate it to Universal Time (Greenwich Mean Time) by visiting the site below.

This Website shows the time difference between 157 different places on Earth. The final image will be visible and available for download here.

This website shows the time difference between 157 different places on Earth and Greenwich Mean Time